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Motivation, inspiration and guidance. The journey to be fit. LJ x

Better sore than sorry!

Transformation is not a journey, it is a present activity.

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dooooooo it

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Come and do this with me.

As like many of you out there I have and still do struggle with both my weight, motivation and self confidence. Now I will never allow myself to moan or gain sympathy as I believe I allowed myself to this point- I may not be clinically obese but to myself I do not feel beautiful- and I believe the moment anyone reaches this point is the moment they should actively make a change in any small way possible. Last year I became fit, healthy and confident and conducted a regular blog which gained many followers and really put me on my way. So I am back- but I am beginning again.

To all of you scared, to all of you struggling, to everyone who doubts themselves and allows their confidence to affect their everyday life lets do this. Lets go through this together! I actively encourage all of you to exchange messages both with me and fellow supporters- share the love, your tips, your thoughts, your struggles and lets get strong physically and mentally together!

We can do this together.

All my love


Out in Aus

So I have been out in Australia for 5 months now, and I have really jumped off the bandwagon. Indulgence and drinking has gotten the better of me. But now I realise that my body doesn’t deserve to be treated that way, i look down and am disgusted by what I see. However that is never going to change unless I begin again today. Start up what I once was so good at- become a motivator become my motivation, be the change I want to see. There is no use me moping around and sulking when I still refuse to make that change. You have to seize everything while you can but most importantly it has to all be done for YOU. The reason I fail is because i strive myself of the true motivation to do this for myself, my end results are always what other people think of me. But do you know what my end result and my lifestyle change is to be comfortable in my own skin.

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So this is my first ever give away and it’s for a great cause!! This black Lisa blue bracelet donates money to the conservation of whales in the wild! A beautiful accessory with a great hidden meaning!!

I’ll be running this give away until 15th September on which day I’ll be picking a winner via random number generator. Happy to ship this little baby world wide to whoever wins!

Reblog for an entry. You don’t have to follow me, my only rule is to reblog no more than twice a day or you will be disqualified (I will be checking this). Nothing bugs me more than people constantly reblogging the same give away post, so that’s my only request!

Reblog away, have fun and I look forward to announcing the winner!!

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Great blog for fitness motivation


Great blog for fitness motivation

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